Dear Mr. President
Maybe by any chance, you are going to read my letter, but if I am being honest probably you will not even come across it. I have a small platform but I also have a huge following on social media, Thousands on Youtube, 53 thousand on Facebook, 20 thousand on Instagram. On all these platforms all I do is a post about music-related stuff, the celebrity-related gossip I would say.

But of late I have noticed something that keeps bothering me, the young careers that keep disappearing after one or two hits. The fans who have their lives also ruined share one thing in common “DRUGS”. Our urban areas, in particular, are being ravaged by drugs, Broncleer in particular but now we are also hearing about hard drugs like crystal meth and cocaine.

Most of the drug dealers are well know in the communities they operate if what the young people are saying is to be believed. The drugs have done so much damage to the youth and their future, many have quit school, turned into petty criminals but will soon graduate into armed robbers and murderers. The drug users will soon join together and form groups to even commit more crimes thereby establishing gangs in this country.

You Mr. President you Know better and have said several times that we are a nation of law and order. I agree with you that crime can not be tolerated in Zimbabwe no matter the underlining causes. We have had high unemployment figures in this country but we have never seen our young people turning to drugs simply because they were not available.

Mr. President, I implore you to do something about the drug issue in this country.


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