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Winky D sue the Magamba TV for $12 K

Sometime last year in May, the nonprofit outfit Magamba TV run a skirt that includes the Winky D song “Parliament”. In the project, Magamba was pushing for our parliament to reconvene. This created an impression that Winky D is a political figure according to the artist thereby alienating himself with some of his fans.

Wallace wants Magamba to pay $4000 for loss of income and $8000 for infringement of copyright, all his works are under “Vigilance Music” and any outfit that wants to do business with Winky D must approach ~ Vigilance Music. Magamba doesn’t make money in their work, all they do is use their resources to educate the youth on hot-topic issues.

The legal move was received with mixed messages with some sections of the fans saying that Winky must set up his outfit to also help the youth record their songs rather than focus on making money from suing. If he is hell-bent at making a point he should sue and donate the money if he wins the settlement preferably to children’s homes or youth projects. While some of his fans welcome the move saying it’s high time people respect the work of others. For well-experienced producers at Magamba, they should know better.



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