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Mudiwa Hood Responds to “Leave the camera when helping the poor”

Recently The hip hop artist mudiwa hood has uploaded pictures showing all the good works of what he is doing of helping the less privileged with clothes and basic commodities. The pictures have since gone viral and fans reacts to the news whilst some say he should leave the camera behind when helping the poor this has pushed mudiwa hood to explain more on what he is doing and why he is doing that for.

Mudiwa hood responds to the people saying he should leave the camera behind by the message he posted recently on his Facebook page. Here is a full message from mudiwa hood addressing the issue

Mudiwa Hood

I choose to be amongst the disciplined few public figures whose life shall be an inspiration to million youths all over the world who believe in hard work the academic way or street hustling!!

Master this, Your Background has nothing to do with where you are going!! With the right attitude the world O is yours for the taking.

Mistakes are part of life but they shouldn’t define you, YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST, and your past CANNOT impeach your Destiny.

I am that hard worker who is not ashamed to share my victories, big or small. I am not stealing from anyone or am i corrupt or do i have any link with tax payers coffers, NOOOO!!! I am as ordinary as it gets!!! I have learnt to boldly challenge the status quo, so unapologetic on sharing clips or pics enjoying fruits of my labour!! Having mastered the art of giving and changing lives, I have employed a paid cameraman who shall document everything…. Normalise doing good and helping others!!! We shall flood all social media with pictures helping others, Not popping champagne and nudes pa

sosho. You all got to Know that Jesus helped people only because they wrote about it, if there were cameras trust me we would have had videos and Jesus is our role model and Lord. To God it is intention that matters… It is pure folly, infact stupidity gone on rampage to ever think a person who now and again parts away with thousands of dollars, feeding, paying school fees and clothing other less privileged people who need help is seeking clout or attention@, It is only the devil who criticize good works done to help others even if its on camera Z, but go silent when the same camera is used to embarrass people being beaten, leaking of nudes and objectification of women!! When people are beating others tell them to leave cameras at home… We cant flood social media with such evil acts and get angry when one helps then takes pictures… What have we become? it is sad

We don’t pop Champagne 4, we do not do drugs, we actually pray and are not ashamed of Jesus Christ, if our testimonies of God doing good for others annoy you, we shall block you and save you the stress.



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