The youths of today have now normalised the use of drugs in such that one is considered ‘dumb’ if seen on the right side of the page “none drug takers”.Drug abuse has reached an uncontrollable stage.
Alcohol consumption is something that has been going on for generations now,despite many lives being consumed and lost.Well for the youth of today, drinking has become a daily routine and it is actually rare to find them sober.

Drug abuse has seen a lot of youths having, unfortunately, a very short life span as consumption of drugs damages the internal organs, with most them consequently having a permanent unstable mental condition.

Looking at it, the law should bring upon stringent measures to curb the unscrupulous behaviour following the Abuse of drugs. Sexual and rape cases have escalated and in most cases the perpetrators are usually young people bent on drug abuse.
More rehabilitation centres should be built in order to help these youngsters from the entrapment “addiction” .In most cases victims of drug abuse are often quoted saying, “l tried Quitting but to no avail”. Therefore having rehabilitation centers that are affordable, would go a long way in curbing the rate of how drugs are being abused and subsequently ending the ‘madness!’.

Awareness seminars,campaigns on drug abuse should be conducted as most of the youth who take these dangerous drug substances, hardly know the effects .For instance drugs like crystal meth commonly known as ‘guka makafela’,’hwevo’,the uptake of this type of drug poses a grave danger to both to individuals and society at large. Crystal meth being worse than heroin , cocaine and cannabis combined has been proven to have no hope treatment wise,even the chances of rehabilitation being the solution are very slim.

I really do think that the government should make this crisis a national emergency,mayb to have the army chip in,more help is needed,more engagements are paramount,team work is a necessity to end drug trafficking and drug abuse,we need our brothers and sisters back, we have a brighter future ahead to work and prepare for.

Lack of knowledge, peer pressure makes some of these youngsters go on a blind journey to only realise the harm when the damage has been done. We have seen tacit acknowledgement of drug abuse in some of the musicians in Zimbabwe,ZimDancehall has been unregulated amplifier for drug and Substance abuse.
Parents and the society at large should also report,to the police,if they get suspicious on their kids so that they get immediate help, cut off the ring before it becomes a crisis.

Those who are involved in the drug abuse game tend to justify themselves a lot,the other guy I talked said,’ndenchizvirapa’,it does not make any sense at all, we should be the change,We should make it a habit to enlighten one another whenever we gather,in what ever we do to refrain from drug abuse, if we do not we are likely to lose a genaration.

Drug abuse poses a danger way too lethal than HIV/AIDS.Parents should decist from showing dangerous love by not ignoring the signs.Some parents they do not even like their children being advised or disciplined,corporal punishment,by elders in society as our Ubuntu society beloved that every elder is a parent,he/she should be responsible enough to mould the youth as per societal roles and responsibilities.

Make it a norm to report every drug dealer be it in your area or anywhere that you come across such evil activities .Some might go on to say that the police officers have become the very gates of drug trafficking, there’s always that good cop that you can trust .Report to the most trustworthy one, there’s always a few In every department.

Let us be wise enough and share every little knowledge that we have on drugs abuse .Let it be known by the youths that drug substances are not only a threat to their health but to the society as well .Murder and rape cases are increasing and even suicidalcases following hallucinations that are caused by these drugs .who knows, the person you didn’t warn today might drive you in a kombi tomorrow and lead you into a terrible accident ,Let them know.

It is never too late to quit on drugs…If you know someone who wants to quit drugs or if you have any questions , you can contact :

Youths in Combined Action Against Drugs and Substance Abuse (YICAADSA)
Office Number 12
Birkenheard Donnington

Email :
twitter : @yicaadsa
Facebook : YICAADSA
Instagram : @yicaadsa_drugfree

Contact numbers :
T Nyashanu 0777641652/ 71 779 4964
Thandolwenkosi Moyo : 077 895 4685
Sindiso Ndlovu :078 747 6779

Gweru offices not currently available but working from home

Contact numbers : K Chikadza 0773 561 307
Privilege Mavidza : 078 569 2549


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