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Prisoners use bible pages as tissue paper in Chikurubi: Hopewell lays his prison ordeal in an Interview with Magamba TV

In a wide-ranging interview Hopewell Chinono was on a seat down with Cde Fatso of Magamba TV where he answers several questions starting with:

He was asked which one would you rather collaborate with, Holy Ten or Poptain? He replied Holy Ten. Cde Fatso went on to press if Hopewell is willing to feature with the Rhumba Legend Energy Mutodi who was fired from the government for tweeting outrageous things.

Cde Fatso asked if Hopewell would consider a prison Break next time he goes to Chikurubi or to get a part-time job. He replied that the first time he went to Chikurubi it was a form of punishment but the second time he went there he was prepared. He already got friends there including some guards but he would never break the prison even though nothing works including the CCTV camera. On prison food, he said it’s always porridge in the morning and sadza with boiled beans, at one point he saw a prison officer taking the beans home because his family was starving. He said that some prisoners use bible pages as toilet papers.

Sexual and Social issues
He said that it’s not the responsibility of any government to make laws about how people live their lives including who they are sleeping with, but all he wants is food on the table and corruption-free Zimbabwe.

Running for Office
He said that it’s wrong for anyone who is good at something to just change and join politics. We need a country where people in their field of excellence remain there and continue with their work and build everlasting institutions. He went on to say that he will never join politics for Both MDC Alliance or Zanu PF.

Mocking the Ghetto Youth
He said the reason why he sometimes mocks the docile youth is that we have a lot of stupid youth that follow idiots like Panganani Java while wasting their lives. If I don’t mock the youth they will never reach my stage where I live in a nice neighborhood and drive a nice car. He went on to warn the youth not to waste their data of Facebook lives to watch Panganai and other fanatics out there.

Nickname Mbudziyadhura
It’s the nickname that I was given by Taurai Chinyamakobvu which was meant to be derogatory but I liked it because I make thousands of dollars from rearing goats. Even my sisters’ children call me by that name and we laughed a lot.



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