Nick Mangwana posted earlier on his tweeter account a statement that am going to quote him direct “I am going to be blunt (as usual). Men of cloth are responsible for several deaths among the unvaccinated. So, it is quite helpful when some like Pastor Charamba come out in support of the vaccination program. They are saving lives. “

One such culprit is the UFIC — prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa — since the outbreak of the pandemic been reassuring his followers that they will be “spared” from the virus through prayer and divine protection. Makandiwa, who has also been accused of perpetuating conspiracy theories through allusions to the “mark of the beast” that is mentioned in the Bible as he warns his congregants about “microchip” implants, made a climb-down saying he was not preventing people from getting vaccinated but there should be adequate testing of their efficacy first.

Ubert Angel and Pastor Chris also padded the conspiracy theories that the vaccine represents the mark of the beast scaring congregants from taking the life-saving vaccines. In the UK Pastor Chris was finned over $2 million for peddling such lies to his followers linking vaccine and 5G. While these are some of the most popular prophets and pastors to propagate such lies many people who congregate at different local churches are telling us that so many pastors and church leaders have left the pulpit to become medical doctors and vaccine experts overnight.

This is not the first time that church leaders have discouraged people from taking medication and instead of promising them divine healing. Just a few years ago Walter Magaya was arrested after he tried to scheme some of his followers by lying that he has found a cure for HIV and AIDS. His only mistake was that the government has seen the same script in the ’90s when HIV hit the country hard, so many church leaders killed people by discouraging them from taking ARV’s. In countries like South Africa, it was even worse as president Thabo Mbeki refused to give ARV’s saying all sorts of nonsense. Millions of South Africans died and many more gave birth to HIV-positive children because of conspiracy theory.

The vaccines work and save lives

The first vaccine was created in 1796 to treat smallpox which was killing thousands of people per year. But right now smallpox has been eradicated from the face of the earth thanks to vaccines. Measles and Polio are also being eradicated with also 99% of the countries in the world free from these diseases because of vaccines.
If you listen to your pastor on vaccines and refuse a jab, you will get covid and spread it to your family and maybe even die or kill your family members. It’s time to do the right thing and get vaccinated.


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