Early this morning as we were going through our inbox as punchstar entertainment we came across a message which was directed to Zimdancehall artist Master H.

Background information about master H

Master H Born hilary Marufu is a recording Zimdancehall artist who has been working with chilspot. He rose to fame with his song(Ka song kekushaya).

Master H grew up in chitungwiza. Master is a full recording artist at chilspot. Recently Master H announced to his fans that he is now focusing more on his music and the gospel of and not fusing on any type of drugs. Master H has also urged his fans and fellow artists to stay away from drugs.

Getting to our message that we received in our inbox about, we decided to share this message with you all since it was sent for the people and to master h to know and pray about his life. The screenshot below is the message that was sent to master h via our inbox

“Good morning please can you help kusvitsa msg iyi . Nduudzireiwo mukomana anonzi master h kuti ngaanamate zvakasimba or atsvage anomubatsira cz kumhuri kwake or kudzinzwa kwake ndiye arikunzi arikutera next”


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