Jay Israel is a Zimbabwean born pastor and founder of spiritual life mega church based in South africa.He was born Jacob Dube in Zimbabwe.

Recently Jay Israel revealed details of how he used dead pigeons, Red towels and a horn to gain power, wealthy and popularity while running a cult at his church. He also revealed how he joined the cult after he met a certain man from Ghana.

Jay Israel is known for his controversial posts which has since been targeted to makandiwa family. Jay Israel claimed that makandiwa has got a second wife. He also post claiming that makandiwa is into cult worshipping in Ghana and also that he performed fake miracles.

Jay Israel is known for most controversial posts were he claimed and write about other pastors and prophets claiming that they are fake and they are into cult worshipping.

The above information is to make it clear on the background of who is pastor Jay Israel.

Few minutes ago he has made a post that he has been involved in an accident where an anonymous car was following him and it hit his car off the road trying to sway it off the road into a dangeon. Pastor Jay Israel revealed this catastrophic incident on his official Facebook page his message reads “


Not with my life

Not with my blood

After being followed by a very suspicious car that eventually hit us from behind and the car spinning 5 times into a tree by the roadside .l’m sure they were hoping the car would roll into a ditch and probably explode but God said no”

Pictures of the accident 👇


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