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66 years old grandman makes waves on social media

66-Year-Old Grandmother Is Proof Age Is Nothing But A Number. This has been shown by a video that has been circulating on social media.

Watch the video 👇

In the video a man is heard asking more information about the grandma who has shocked him by her great figure despite her age which she revealed that she is 66 years old.

The woman in the video shows much energy as she explain more about herself and by analysing the video her face alone can tell that it tally with her actual age, what is shocking is about her great figure body which is looking like a 20’s or even mid 30’s woman.

In the video she also reveals that she doesn’t like young kids (Ben 10) and she is also single as her first husband is deceased. The man on the video continues to ask more question in disbelief of what he was seeing on the video.

The lady went on to make the man who was asking her questions to feel her b**ty so that he can see that Its real and not fake. The man started showering more praise to the 66years old grandma and even trying to get more of her a clear sign that the man who was taking this video was beginning to like her more.

Grandma reveals that taking care of herself was and is still the reason why she is looking so good up today despite her age she is going against it by having a fresh and young body. One of a thing that most women around the world are looking for.



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