Recently the  Congolese Soukous singer, dancer, producer, and composer, Koffi Olomide and Ray vanny visited Zimbabwe to collaborate with Roki. The collaboration was funded by Passion Java and it was recorded and mastered by oskid production. Video shots and pictures of Koffi’s arrival in Zimbabwe were making the rounds on social media.

This was much long awaited song.Zimbabweans were a bit dissapointed, few hours ago when passion java joked that the song was deleted by mistake.

You can now download roki ft koffi & RAY Vanny here 👇

The song is one of the most biggest master piece right now from how it is sounding. This is a potential hit that Zimbabweans might enjoy the Christmas with.

In the song roki showed his versatility le buy showing his ability to even switch to rhumba style. Koffi also showed his talent by even witching to shona in some of his lines in the song.

KOFFI OLOMIDE also Endorsed the president of Zimbabwe in the song. The lines reads (Ed Mnangagwa number 1).

What’s your thoughts on this collaboration song between roki and koffi OLOMIDE. Share your thoughts ‼️



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