I will never forget that first day when I approached my high school crush during lunchtime. I had planned everything in my mind from the way I was going to approach her, my pickup lines, the two jokes I was going to use as a follow-up if the pickup didn’t work out.

I told my boys today is the day am going to finally fall in love.
So I confidently told my friends that am going to watch me out as I approach her, the moment I got to the spot she was chilling on and crack the pick upline her friend popped from none where and all of a sudden I froze but then she said to continue with your story.

Two other friends popped up and all of a sudden it was one vs four
My eyes turned watery, I froze and became speechless, how can I get out of this situation. But one lesson I learned that day is never hype unless you can deliver.
The highly published collabo Roki ft Koffi is turning out to be a big flop if the reaction from social media is anything to go by.

The social media users have been camping in the comment sections of different bloggers and social media personalities react and reviewing the song. Here are some of the reactions we have compiled so far:…


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