Ranking the military powers of Africa by country, from strongest to weakest.

The Global Fire Power list makes use of over 50 factors in our in-house formula to determine a given nation’s Power Index (‘PwrIndx’) score. This provides the final ranking while also allowing smaller, more technologically-advanced, nations to compete with larger, lesser-developed ones. Some bonuses and penalties are added for refinement that, in the end, we hope presents an unbiased look into the potential conventional military strength of a world power. Color arrows indicate year-over-year trend comparison (IncreaseStableDecline).

There are a total of 36countries included in the African Military Strength (2021) annual defense review.

For 2021 Zimbabwe is ranked at number 16 in Africa with a population of 14.5 million only 3 million people are fit to serve. Zimbabwe have 90 active aircrafts including 28 helicopters and old fighter jets.



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