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Her pregnancy shocked the Country.

The civic society and Zimbabweans from all walks of life are calling for ZRP to investigate the recently surfaced photos of a pregnant girl. Although her age is not yet confirmed the rumors circulating online suggest that the child is barely a teenager.

It’s not yet clear under what circumstance the child got pregnant but regardless of what led to this point majority of Zimbabweans agree that this is shameful, illegal, and outright evil.

According to a UN study, 32% of Zimbabwean girls are married before they reach 18 years with the majority of them characterized by one thing in common ~ religion. The members of the apostolic sect (Masowe) are well documented when it comes to child marriage as the major perpetrators of such devious acts.

The government on the other side hasn’t stepped up to the occasion and confront child marriage once and for all. In fact, some senior government officials have gone further and suggested lowering the age of marriage to as young as 12. Just a few weeks ago, there was some suggestion to give teenagers Contraceptive pills at a time when hospitals are struggling to procure basic necessities such as gloves.

The debate was finally shut down by the vice president who is also the health minister describing such suggesting as insanity.

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An unidentified pregnant Zimbabwean child of Apostolic Sect (Mapositori or Masowe)



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