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Sabastian magacha under fire for endorsing “patati patata song”

Sabastian Magacha is gospel musician from Zimbabwe who was born on 10 May 1984 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He ventured into music in 2006. Before taking music as his full-time career, he played soccer at CAPS United Juniors. He rose to fame with songs such ‘Tomudana’, ‘Bhosvo’ and ‘Back to Sender’.

Sabastian MAGACHA is under fire from fans for endorsing the viral song (patati patata) which was done by roki featuring koffi and Ray vanny. This was one of the much long awaited song and when it was released it was met with a lot of mixed feelings from fans as some took it as a political song because president Mnangagwa was Endorsed.

The song has since went viral with a lot of local celebrities endorsing it the list included (madam boss. Mai titi. Master kg. Passion java.) and a lot more celebrities.

Sabastian MAGACHA decided to also endorse the song as a sign of his support for the fellow brother who made it in the industry but this did not end well with fans as they started roasting him in the comment section.

Attached below is the comments from fans

Sabastian was left with no option but to respond to fans who were throwing shade to his endorsement to hit song (patati patata). Below is the official post from sabastian MAGACHA responding to the Backlash from the fans



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