There are very few weapons that do not shy away from the occasion like an M-1 rocket launcher better know as a bazooka. It’s simple enough for use by general rifle squads but powerful enough to shoot high-explosive rounds into tanks, bunkers, and pillboxes, the bazooka put more bang farther away on the battlefield than a normal grenade.

When was it developed?

Bazooka was an answer to the needs of American soldiers who were battling the German Tanks in World War Two against which a normal rifle couldn’t stand a chance. In 1942 Edward Uhl developed a shoulder-fired rocket launcher that would meet these needs in just 30 days. Bazooka sets the record on any weapon procurement in history and stands out as the only weapon that was envisioned, designed, and developed then deployed to the battlefield in just 30 days.

How to operate a Bazooka

Initially, the bazooka was electrically charged and operated by two people, One would aim and the other would load the launch tube from the back end, and toggle the safety switch. However, the early versions were so dangerous that the rocket would sometimes fail to fire and stuck in the tube leaving a soldier with a live bomb on his shoulder. The electrical circuits mean that it was susceptible to short circuits, especially in rainy or high humid environments. it also leaves a smoke trail giving clues to snippers or the normal soldiers if it misses the target.


However, improvements to the weapon produced the far-more reliable M-9. It had a long-range and would penetrate deeper than the initial version. At the end of world war, two Bazooka was notoriously known for being the merchant of death and the lard of war, destroying thousand of tanks and downing hundreds of helicopters in just two years.


After world war two many countries adopted different versions of bazooka and improve its efficiency. However as more and more powerful tanks were manufactured, Bazooka became irrelevant. Powerful RPG enter into service starting in 1958 slowly but surely replacing the famous bazooka. Now, most countries have phased out bazooka in preference of RPG which is way more efficient than a bazooka.


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