Mai titi Ex boyfriend Charles obina Ugwa under fire from mai titi’s father after he has posted his new picture on Instagram.

Mai titi after her break up with Zizoe pamyk she quickly jumped into another relationship with “Obina” in a military style. She never had the time to waste as she has found real love in this Nigerian guy (obina) who goes by the name (Itsforbes) on Instagram.

Mai titi revealed about this relationship when they engaged last year. The relationship gets sour when mai titi was invited to Tanzai for a movie role. Former cat father as described by mai titi herself she said he was over controlling and jealousy when he showed his disapproval to the bikini that mai titi was spotted wearing in a swimming pool. This resulted into break up since mai titi felt that the former cat father was over controlling and dictating her work.

From this background story of this relationship I hope you now have a better idea of how this relationship started. Then few days ago Obina uploaded his picture all of a sudden cat mother followers flocked into obina account to insult him and accusing him of scamming ladies, they accuse him of using mai titi.

Lately mai titi had done a live video telling her loyal fans that they should forget about her relationship with former boyfriend in exile but it seems like it’s not over yet for mai titi loyal fans who still have great bitterness towards obina whom they felt that he has used mai titi. Below are the chats on obina picture of mai titi Royal fans attacking him verbally even though obina was trying his best to respond to them nicely


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