A lot of weird creatures exist in this world but there are some that actually there are some that are not just bizarre but hilarious, especially when you consider their name. One of such creatures is the Urechis unicinctus.

A fish or Worm ?

This creature which is Urechis caupo is actually a species of spoon worm. They’re related to segmented worms like leeches and earthworms, but lost their body segments over the course of their evolution to become smooth in a way that is, frankly, unsettling. Their more polite common name is the “innkeeper worm,” due to their accidental altruism in creating tunnels that other critters can live in.

Where did it come from ?

The penis fish dates back 300 million years. The species hangs out in the muddy sand of shallow waters that stretch from southern Oregon to northern Mexico in USA.

What does it eat ?

The Penis Fish typically eats bacteria, plankton and other small particles which it collects using “sticky mucus nets”.

Is it edible ?

The answer is yes, people eat the penis fish. But just like virtually every other food, some people eat the penis fish while many others do not. It is in fact, a popular delicacy in Asia, especially in South Korea and China.

Bonus Fact

The worms are sweetest and most plentiful from December to March. They are traditionally consumed raw after being dipped in sauce, usually chogochujan (vinegared gochujang).


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