Prophet Solomon Gwash has made it clear in a video where he delivers a dangerous prophecy to prophet passion java. In the video prophet Solomon is seen holding his handkerchief wiping his tears as a sign that what he was about to say is so sad and what he was seeing in the spiritual he decide to call it (disaster) for prophet passion java.

Prophet Solomon Gwash prophecy warned passion java telling him to repent for what he is doing is misleading people according to prophet gwash prophecy.

Prophet Solomon Gwash went on further to say that prophet passion java was called by God to preach to his people but he has taken another route which is different from what the Lord has said.

Prophet Solomon called out passion java to book to have full responsibility of what he is doing and also to repent from his bad ways for if he didn’t change he is going to see the full response from God. According to prophet Solomon he said the Lord said to him (warn him. Warm him warn him!!!). He went on to say in the prophecy he was given he began to see all the bad things about to happen to prophet passion java if he didn’t change his ways.

The Prophet Solom went on to say that he Lord said to him that passion java is leading the lord’s people astray and he should come back to the real gospel of Christ he was called for.

Watch full video of prophet Solomon Gwash warning prophet passion java 👇


Passion Java was born on 28 October 1988. He was raised and attended school kwaSeke. He was married to a lady of Ethiopian descent, Lily Tsegaye (February 2016) and was formerly married to Prophetess Yasmin with whom he had a son named Uebert Java named after Passion Java’s spiritual father Uebert Angel.

Besides being a prophet passion java has ventured into entertainment sector where he started promoting local musicians like(Uncle Epatan. Bounty Lisa. The late souljahlove) and currently roki.

Prophet passion java is known as one of the controversial figure through his videos that he make on his official social media sites, he was one of ginimbi rival on social media and the two would fight for the title (mbinga) even though after death if ginimbi passion java has made it pure that there was no bad blood between him and ginimbi but the competition was purely for entertainment. Passion java Is also known for his controversies with pastor T CHIWENGA where the two exchange words on social media in video or post form.


Prophet Solomon Gwash is the Cofounder of Shoreline Ministries International which is one of the fast growing churches in Zimbabwe. He is a man whom God has entrusted with the gift of prophecy to speak the Word of God in totality. He has been advocating for the restoration of the body of Christ that has been tarnished. He is based in Harare . His mission is to equip the World with the knowledge of God and to minister healing to the broken-hearted. For the past 4 years He has been working with various charity institutions.


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