Hopewell condemned South Africans for hating a Zimbabwean who is now Mayor of Joburg.

    The international award-winning Journalist Hopewell Chino’no took to tweeter to condemn xenophobic South Africans who are trying to reject the newly elected major of Joburg. The hashtag #WeRejectMayorOfJHB is trending on tweeter as the debate of xenophobia rages on.

    On one hand, there is a group that is arguing that the apocalypses are upon us because we are now being ruled by Zimbabweans.

    On the other hand, we have a group arguing that there are many South Africans around the world who are in leadership positions in other countries but have never been subjected to xenophobic attacks. More so we have countries like the US where at one point was led by Barack Obama, born by a migrant from Kenya.

    Victoria Chitepo was born in South Africa. She went to school up to the University level in South Africa. She was a Zimbabwean cabinet minister and is buried at Zimbabwe’s heroes acre!

    So why South Africa behaves as if it’s the only country that has foreigners? Hopewell chipped in the discussion raising interesting examples where people were elected into leadership positions despite being born of foreigners. Here are some of the examples he cited.



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