I could feel its tongue licking my leg like I used to lick that yogurt top cover. And every time I feel the tongue on my calf I would say this is it, my whole life is coming down to this moment. The most terrifying moment was when I felt its side teeth slightly chiseling my skin off as a gasp for air and strength but then something miraculously happens. 

It was an early Saturday morning when I woke up feeling a slight headache. Normally when a feeling a little bit sick I will just relax at home until am feeling better again because my mother used to discourage us from taking heavy medication for a slight illness, she preferred concoctions like boiling lemons and stuff.

But on that day I heard plans to go out and meet with my girlfriend, so I thought if I could buy painkillers at our local tuck shop I would quickly recover for a meetup. So I wore up my shorts and head out to the shop. Just after four houses from the place, there is this guy from the middle east who keeps four bulldogs at his place. He usually lets them off the leash in the evening and cages them during the day.

But on that day his garner woke up in the morning too and went out, leave the gate that was locked by a key and chain slightly open. As I was passing by the dogs started barking at me. But since I knew the place well I was just relaxing thinking that nothing will happen to me. A brown bulldog came running and bump the gate forcing itself outside and immediately it was followed by a second one and then a third little puppy at a distant third.

This is, being dead. I pray to God for the very first time in my life, I hold my phone in my hand which was in my pocket, and started running. But within meters, I could feel its heavy breathing on my leg and it licked me. I tried to increase my speed but my heart was already burning and I was screaming and crying at the same time. Three times it came in contact with me and at some point almost chucking out my flesh. 

I passed three houses and on the fourth, a gardener who was mowing the lawn saw what was happening from a distance. He ran towards the gate and shouted run faster run. As I was approaching the house he opened the gate and I slide in falling inside as he quickly closes the gate. The faster dog was already there sliding its head between the left and right compartment of the gate, he kicked its head and close the gate. I survived the impossible.


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