Proverbs 17 vs 21 is a perfect reflection on the relationship between US president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. While Joe is a respectable man in American politics even the republicans respect Joe Biden for his character and decency unlike his predecessor Donald Trump who vulgarized the presidency.

However, Joe was given a heavy burden of life, something that very few men would be able to manage. His first wife died in a horrific accident in 1972 together with his daughter. He married again in 1977 to the lovely Jill who is also a teacher. Tragedy would strike again when his son Beau who was a soldier died from cancer at the age of 46 in 2015.

Joe steadily rose in the democratic leadership structure to the vice presidency when he was hand-picked by Barack Obama as his deputy. In 2020 he runs for the presidency after he saw what Trump did to the country and its image around the world.

At the end of the presidential campaign in 2020, his son’s laptop resurfaces after he alleged that it was stolen from him years ago. However, according to law enforcement agencies, Hunter Biden left his laptop at a repair shop in Delaware and never came back to pick it up. The shop owner fixes the laptop only to discover horrific acts with young girls who clearly looked underage.

Social media banned the contents from being shared online, suspending accounts that were trying to share the videos and images. The story died down until now. Another laptop that was stolen from him resurface again with its contents being shared online.

Hunter Biden admitted that it’s his laptop, and he is addicted to nyaope and prostitutes. In some videos that were shared online Hunter was seen taking drugs and sleeping with two women at once. Hunter said that he has demons he is trying to overcome, the dark powers of addictions are hunting him.


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