Khabane Lame, AKA Khaby Lame, is an Italian-based TikToker and social media personality. Khaby is mainly famous for his TikTok account, where he makes content mocking pointless but vastly popular life hacks and DIY videos. He has recently surpassed Addison Rae and became the second most popular TikTok creator. In contrast, the most popular TikToker is still Charli D’amelio.

Khaby Lame Net Worth What is Khaby Lame net worth? As of 2021, Khabi Lame net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Most of his fortune has been earned in recent months. Also, he is earning an estimated salary of $200K every month. According to sources, he charges around $50K for a single promotional video on TikTok.

Net Worth$2 Million
Originated FromSenegal
Income SourceBrand Deals, Sponsorship
Last Update2021

Khaby Lame Income Source

After becoming a viral Internet sensation, he then started getting brand endorsement, sponsorship proposals frequently. Right now, Khaby has more than 115 million followers among all the social media platforms.

Therefore, brands are craving to collaborate with him. With that being said, most of his earnings and income comes from brand promotions. A good chunk of income also comes from sponsorship.

Khaby hasn’t yet launched his march. Needless to say, it will be another profitable income stream for him if he launches merchandise in the future.

Fortunes and Assets

Khaby loves to lead a simple lifestyle. Though having a net worth of above $2 million is enough to lead a luxurious way of living.


Talking about Khaby Lame’s car collection, Khaby often shows Range Rover, Mercedes G-Class on his videos. Though, it is unsure whether he owns those cars or not. But it seems like he is very interested in the Mercedes G-Wagon.

Previously, Khaby used to live in a rented house in Italy. However, now he can easily afford to buy a house.

Early Life

Khaby Lame was born and passed his childhood in Senegal, West Africa. Later, he moved to Italy. Currently residing in Chivasso, Turin, Italy.

The Internet sensation was born on 9th March 2000. Therefore, Khaby Lame age is 21 years in 2021. From his childhood, he was a hard worker.

Talking about his education, he has completed his graduation from a reputed college in Italy. Later, he took a job for his living. He was leading life like many others.

To know how he became famous and got success in just months, take a look at the next section.

Birthday9th March 2000
Age21 Years
Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight143 lbs
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

How Khaby Lame Became Famous On Social Media?

As mentioned above, before getting famous on TikTok, he was living a simple lifestyle like may do and was quite happy. However, things started getting worse.

At the beginning of the pandemic, he lost his job. He was frustrated and stuck with several questions in mind. Sometimes, losing a job is a new opportunity for you, and the best example of Khaby himself.

He thought to started a TikTok account and started uploading videos on TikTok. His parents were clueless and worried at the same time about what Khaby is doing.

However, as Khaby continues uploading new unique content every day, his video’s reach started rising. At the beginning of 2021, his video went viral on TikTok. People discovered him from around the world.

As his video concepts were unique and because of his sarcastic expression, the video started becoming viral outside of TikTok too. Resulting in, he has over 115 million followers on social media. Specifically, on TikTok, he has more than 100 million followers. Meanwhile, he is the second most popular TikTok content creator, according to fan following.


Khaby has earned a lot of success, fame at a very early age. How about looking at all of the best moments of his career?

Here are some of the best highlights of Khaby Lame’s entire career.

  • Khaby created his TikTok account in 2020.
  • Total Likes on TikTok: 1.3 Billion (As of 2021)
  • Total Followers: 100 Million (As of 2021)
  • Second most popular Influencer on TikTok.
  • Most popular social media personality in Italy.

The Conclusion

Khaby Lame is a TikToker and Social Media personality who has gained popularity in recent months. In addition, he is now the second most popular TikToker. It all happens because of Khaby’s dedication and hard work.


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