The B-1B Lancer, also known as “The Bone”, is the US Air Force long-range strategic bomber developed by Rockwell International, now Boeing Defense And Space Group. Commissioned in 1986 the B-1B Lancer has the largest internal payload of any current bomber in operation. The bomber flies at a low radar cross-section with variable-geometry wings. It is equipped with modern avionics and afterburning engines which enables it to carry the largest payload strike of any bomber and offers long-range, high speed, maneuverability, and survivability.

So what is the feature?

Crew: Four pilots and a co-pilot plus 2 system operators for offensive and defensive operation.

Maximum Speed: 1448,41 kilometers per reaching supersonic and high subsonic for low-altitude penetration.

Weight: It has a Maximum Operating Weight of 216363,56 kilograms

Fuel Capacity: 120,326 kg which gives it the ability to fly from one continent to other without refueling. 


With a service ceiling of 10 km, the B-1B Lancer has height as one of its main weaponry systems since it can drop bombs at an altitude where the majority of surface-to-air mid-range missiles will not reach. The other advantage is its speed which is way beyond the speed of many missiles. The B-1B Lancer can outrun most missiles until they get “tired” and fall down or burnt out.

Navigation and communications

The aircraft has a Honeywell ASN-131 radar altimeter, Northrop Grumman APN-218 Doppler radar velocity sensor, Kearfott inertial navigation system, Honeywell APN-224 radar altimeter, Rockwell Collins ARN-108 instrument landing system and Rockwell Collins ARN-118 TACAN tactical air navigation system

Combat use

The B-1B holds almost 50 world records for speed, payload, range, and time of climb in its class. It was first used in combat in Operation Desert Fox in December 1998. During the first six months of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, eight B-1s dropped nearly 40 percent of the total tonnage delivered by the US and its allies.


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