In a very disturbing voice note circulating on social media a child is heard crying on top of his /her voice.At the background a lady is heard shouting at the child that the child should stop throwing stones at people’s property.

In aas much as the start of the video seems like the lady is crucifying the kid for throwing the stones at people’s property another second on the voice note playing the mother take a new twist on why she is beating her kid.

On tthe voice note it seems the real reason why this lady is beating her kid is because of the child’s father infidelity and she is making sure she delivers the message indirectly to the father through the kid. The kid cry continues as the background noise of a whip beating the kid intensify and the mother continues to say (Ndiri kukurovera chihure chababa vako!!).

The voice note clearly shows that the mother is frustrated by the infidelity of the kid. The big question on this voice note is should mothers beat their kids for the mistakes of their fathers in marriage?.

This leaves a lot of questions to all mothers out there that how should we discipline our kids in the case of bad behavior and to what extent should we discipline the kids so that they separate between (parental discipline and Hatred discipline to kids).

Tell us your thoughts on this voice note. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you think should be done to create favourable environment between parents and kids.


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