Due to the love of quick money a lot of people have fall victims to hackers on Facebook. The issues are on rise especially in Zimbabwe where many are desperate for quick money and ending up hacked

A lot of Zimbabwean celebrities have been hacked through this trick on Facebook. Celebrities like (Kapfupi, Trevor Dongo and gift amuli) have their page successfully hacked after fall victims to these Facebook hackers. Some managed to take back their pages but Trevor dongo and gift amuli haven’t yet recovered from the hacking.


On Facebook hackers they go on your Facebook page and take your WhatsApp contact details then they come to your WhatsApp with a message like “Do you wish to place our ads on your page and get paid as much as 1300 per post?”. When you read this post if you love easy money quickly you will respond that you interested and that moment you confirm that you on way to lose your page. Who promise that kind of money for just one ads post?,thats the kind of question you should first ask yourself but many have no time for that.

When you accept their deal they will tell you that they want to send you an invitation link on your email so that they start placing ads on your page and pay you. If you go on accepting it then they will send you the link, even if you say you busy at the moment remember hackers are patient they will wait exactly up to the time when you are free and their timing is sharp, you will be convinced that these people are serious for sure.

When you accept they ask for your email in which they send you the invitation. Facebook has Got Facebook business manager where one can generate a link to invite another person to add himself/herself as an admin to the specific page.

That link is the one that they will send you and that link when you click it, it will ask you to enter your Facebook login detail and there will be a section that say (approve) once you approve this you have given the hacker the administration rights and they will remove you from your page as administrator and they will add themselves and start to control every post on your page. Some even went on further to upload nude pictures and all nasty videos.

Nowonder the bible say “The love of money is root of all evil”. Once you show interest in quick money the end result is awful and catastrophic. Knowledge is the king I hope after reading this particular section you won’t fall prey of it. Don’t accept any kind of invitation for your page. If one wants to place an ad on your page they should send all the information like flier or message to you and pay you before you post and don’t click any links you not sure of you be hacked in the process.


1.Hackers on whatsapp nowadays are working day and night to make sure they access your information. Most used way nowadays is someone will take your phone number and try to verify it on whatsapp and it will then send you the code on your text message. That hacker when they made sure you received the message they will then come to your inbox crying or typing a manipulative message trying to convince you that they have lost their code to your phone and asking you to resend it back. Once you send them the code they quickly verify your number on their phone and your WhatsApp will be logged out from your phone and they will quickly access all your information or even perform fraud using your information or even leak your personal information and pictures by the time you log yourself back by verifying your number back again they would have finish taking all your information or even delete your WhatsApp.

2.Another hacking is through whatsapp Web. Someone close to you (your boyfriend or girlfriend) can access your phone and go on whatsapp Web browser and scan your WhatsApp even later if you go with your phone they can still check your WhatsApp messages so make sure when you give someone your phone you check carefully if they are not scanning your WhatsApp on laptop or desktop browser. Make sure after giving someone your phone you check on (linked device) to make sure your phone is not linked to any other browser that you never allowed on your phone


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