The oldest tree by far, of which all the stems collapsed in 2010/11, was the Panke tree in Zimbabwe, estimated to have existed for 2,500 years. Another ancient baobab, the Platland tree that lived in South Africa, suddenly split apart and collapsed between 2016 and 2017. Platland, which was the biggest known African baobab, was also the largest angiosperm in the world, with a total wood volume of 501 cubic meters.

Now it is widely agreed that the “BIG TREE” in Chirinda Forest 32 km south of Chipinge is now the oldest tree with 1000 years of life span. It is 65 meters tall n 4,5 meters wide and lives in the valley of giants.

Touring Chirinda Forest

The good thing about Chirinda forest is that there is no need for a tour guide. The people are warm, welcome, and well cultured. They will never steal from visitors or tourists and the place is relatively cheap compare to others since there is no entrance fee, no boking, no gate everything free of charge. But the best season to visit Chirinda forest is now [August to end of November] before the rainy season.

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