Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona popularly known in entertainment circles as Makhadzi reveals that she is one of mudiwa hood biggest fan in South Africa. She revealed this during Mudiwa’s live Instagram session.

Mkhadzi shocked Mudiwa’s legions of fans who were watching mudiwa hood live Instagram video when she joined his live video unexpectedly.

When she joined Mudiwa’s live at first he didn’t notice it as he was discussing with his fans, then fans started to comment notifying Mudiwa that Makhadzi has joined the live.

Mudiwa Hood added Makhadzi on his live Instagram for a chat. Makhadzi showed her love and kind of support that she has for Mudiwa Hood music.

“I just saw that you are live then I had to come here and interact with you and your followers because i love them”. Speaks Makhadzi

“We can talk properly because now am driving but am your biggest fan in South Africa”. She said

Mudiwa went on to compliment Makhadzi hardwork and the achievement she has been making so far in the music industry and on personal level

Recently Makhadzi bought her parents separate houses and all adds to four house that she bought at the age of only 25.

Watch Mudiwa Hood and Makhadzi live on Instagram video 👇


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