Fashion police at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University:Restricts indecent dressing

Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti has released a press statement to the students and all stakeholders at the University to take note of the dress code to be adhered to when on the University premises.

The statement reminded all the students returning back to school to stick to the dresscode rules that prohibits wearing of things Tight clothes.

” Therefore take care of the following principle(c.g ., skin tights, leg-ins) cut offs/miniskirts (anything more than 5cm above the knees), shorts, slippers, tops that reveal breast cleavages, back-outs, crop-tops/stomach-outs, bandeau, seetroughs and other kinds of inappropriate clothing are not allowed on campus (especially classes and church services) and other university related off campus functions”.Reads the press statement issued

The press statement also went on further to note that any student who will be seen wearing anything that was prohibited will be banned from attending lectures till those noted areas have been corrected.

“Lecturers can bar students from attending lectures if they are not dressed appropriately” .

“Select and wear clothing which gives dignity and an expression of our God given ability to appreciate beauty, creativity, harmony. and good taste”

Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University was founded by Prophet Ezekiel Guti of ZAOGA Church.This background of the owner of the University might be one of the factor influencing the decision.

However some students have since reacted to the press statement that students should be free to wear things that they feel it’s good for their bodies since they are now adults who now have right to consent and freedom of expression.

Below is the full press statement from ZEGU


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