We have received the video below from an eyewitness that purports
to show a South African metro officer assaulting a Zimbabwean bus driver. The incident is said to have taken place on Thursday 26 August in Hammanskraal. According to the eyewitness:

” The Traffic cops stopped Devine Coaches and they did their checkups on the bus. The bus was unfit to travel and they asked them to follow them to the police station. Traffic cops drove very fast instead of escorting the bus to the police station. So the bus driver arrived at a 4 way stop sign and then parked the bus because he knows where the police station was. A few minutes later traffic cops returned back and started harassing the bus driver saying you think you are clever you trying to run away yet he had stopped for them”.

We are still trying to verify the story behind the video, more details to follow…


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