Soul Musaka, known professionally as Soul Jah Love died on Tuesday 16 February at Mbuya dorcas Hospital aged 31.

The talented musician, who battled diabetes, was rushed to Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Harare without a pulse and was declared dead upon arrival.

Souljahlove grave before :

Pictures circulating online shows Soul Jahlove grave greatly sorted with a nice tombstone. A well deserved great tombstone for a hero like Soul Jahlove. On top of the tombstone there is a guitar structure which represent the late Soul Jahlove’s profession as a musician

Souljahlove grave after sorted :

Lately Since his burial souljahlove grave was still covered with soil and stones. Souljahlove’s family tried to reach out to the government to hold their memorial for souljahlove but the ministry turn down the proposal due to covid 19 regulations as it was going to attract huge crowd.

The government responded to the issue with a letter below

“The Ministry of Health and Child Care is in receipt of your letter dated 14 May 2021 seeking guidance to comply with Covid 19 regulations on the memorial service for the late Cde. Soul Muzavazi Musaka. The Ministry advises against holding of such big events at this juncture due to the following:

Taking note of the existing Covid 19 control guidelines that stipulate the number at such gatherings not to exceed 30

The presence of the new variant from India which is circulating in the country which can cause a huge spread

The possibility of many people gathering in big numbers, making it difficult to institute Covid 19 control measures

Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated”. Said the ministry of heath

Some of Souljahlove fans expressed their happiness on seeing the pictures of his new tombstone and his grave well sorted as per their request.


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