Guinea Women Suspends Conjugal Rights for their husbands so as to offer Free S=x to Military after Overthrowing Government

Married Women in Guinea have placed their husbands on dry spell mode so as to thank military officers for overthrowing and arresting President Alpha Konde.

According to Eunice Maghole the Chair Lady of Guinea Women Association( GEA), The women are offering free sex to military men for ‘saving the country from tyranny.

” We have asked every woman to stop giving conjugal rights to their husbands so as to save more energy to our gallant officers. We will give them as much as they want “, Maghole said in her statement.

In a State broadcast TV Sunday night, a group of soldiers said regional governors had been replaced by military commanders, and the ousted 83-year-old president was safe but in detention.

Col Doumbouya said his soldiers had seized power because they wanted to end rampant corruption, human rights abuses and mismanagement.

The Guinea President was selected for the for another third time which was met with mixed feelings among the Guinea citizens.

Despite some of his success in improving the country’s economy, he is accused of violating human rights and harassment of opposition parties.


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