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Souljahlove was a genius strategist

Souljahlove was a strategist.

Longtime back it was a curse to hear someone in ghetto calling you “Chigunduru”, those from ghetto understands this word. Because the word was and is associated with someone who is homeless and who picks food from bins.

At one time souljahlove was called “Chigunduru” by fellow musicians and other people in streets because of how he grew up in streets

Souljahlove started to call himself “Chigunduru” in most of his songs and he would spice it up with other chants thereby neutralising the word from negativity to positivity “Chigunduru chaita Gauro”. When an enemy in life realise you now enjoying those bad words they throw at you they will be disappointed and the words or statements will become powerless to your life.

The very same strategy that Queen tatelicious use, last time people were mocking here that she exposed “J*nde live on Facebook”. The next day she Endorsed the negativity till it become powerless to talk about it

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