Monalisa Henrietta C Zulu popularly known as Njuzu on her social media accounts, a Zimbabwean socialite, commercial and promotional model based in South Africa clash with Olinda Chapel over old picture

The clash came as a result of the picture of Njuzu and Tytan resurfaced on social media. The picture the picture didn’t go well with Olinda who quickly take it to her Instagram stories to fire shots at Njuzu.

Olinda made 3 Instagram stories throwing shade at Njuzu ironically re addressing her previous scandal of leaked n_des pictures and videos playing with a bottle which went viral in early April.

Njuzu in a live video reveals that she knew olinda Chapel was going to be made at the resurfaced picture which she uploaded with Tytan

“Woda kufambisa mbiri kuti uswere uchinyorwa kunzi monalisa and Tytan, when there is no Monalisa and Tytan”. Said Olinda Chapel in a video

Njuzu is said to have dated Tytan in 2012,under promotional modelling she featured in a video from Tytan ” BATA BHO”.


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