Tatelicious born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe is the first Zimbabwean to undergo artificial virginaplasty.

In 21 June 2015 tatelicious confirms via Sunday mail that he has spent more than US $80 000 to transform himself into a woman.

He ccaused stir after confirming to the news considering the environment Zimbabwe which is against homosexuality and Transgender in its constitution.

Back iin 2015 Tatelicious refused to show her documentary evidence to support her claims that a few years ago she was male

“I was confirmed a boy at birth, but I had a male body with a female mind”. Said Tatelicious.

Tatelicious says she completed her sex change in 2013 when the registrar General officially gave her documentation as a female,hence her journey to be a woman Bega from that period in form of transitions which shows her developing woman figure (breasts)

In tatelicious live video from her own words she said that becoming a woman she is now was a big process that costed her a lot of money.

In tthe video Queen tatelicious confessed that it was a gradual process starting from developing woman figure with breasts and the last stage she is now of completing her mission of becoming a woman. She underwent Virginia surgery, where the doctors in swiden planted an artificial Vagina which tatelicious claims that it costed her more than 150k USD.

Tatelicous also confirmed that she is going to totally recover from the surgery in 3 to 4 months.

Videos below are live videos collected from tatelicious live Facebook videos in which she was showing how the process was done and also explaining on all the procedures she underwent surgery at Salgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden to have the artificial Vagina.


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