Residents in Mainway Harare woke up to a bizzare incident which left everyone wondering what was going to be their fate if they didn’t uprehand the man who was pretending to be a

Below is the message which was sent by one of the neighbours which closely witness the incident

“Good afternoon Mainway Residents.
Today there was a woman who was seated by my gate since morning. When I left for work I think she deliberately left the gate so that I don’t notice her. She came back ndaenda. Our home assistant azoona kuti pane munhu, then she asked kuti murikudei, she then said ndirikungozororawo hangu.

“Our home assistant azonditumira a voice note around 10 am achiti there is a person akagara pagate and am hearing nevanhu kuti she has been there since early morning . So I told our home assistant to order the person to leave or else I call the police. The woman then left and went to seat on another gate a few houses from ours. People then began to come out of their gates asking her kuti arikudei. Hanzi she was saying lots of different statements as if she is mentally challenged. People ended up thinking she is surely mentally disturbed. She then took her bags and walked towards pamuhacha(the bustop near Shonhiwa tuckshop)”

“We are hearing this afternoon that she then came back and sat on another gate in our line. Some guys later put her to task and took her to Waterfalls Police. They were shocked there to discover she is not a woman but a men wearing woman’s clothes. Hanzi she had papers stuffed on her breast. It’s scary to realise a thief was seated by our gate since early morning, and people were just passing through without knowing kuti imbava.
Please be on high alert and never entertain strangers on your gates or homes.
This happened today 2 December kuma house number 1420s in Mainway Meadows, Waterfalls, Harare”


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