Were President Mnangagwa and his cabinet up to the task? I took a deep look at every Cabinet minister and assessed their performance. A glance at the Cabinet ratings tells you all you need to know: it was the highs and the lows but mostly the lows.

For the past two years, the government has been largely focusing on the pandemic which put certain ministries under the spotlight and also put other ministries at the backburner. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information, both ministries of education (basic and tertiary) were largely in the spotlight because of the critical roles they played to manage the pandemic.

Defense and War Veterans

On October 26 more than 40 war veterans were arrested for protesting against poor living conditions and low social grants. They were later released but that was a low point and it speaks volumes on the general current of affairs in the country and also in the ministry of Defense and War Veterans.

On July 29 we also dispatch 304 soldiers to Mozambique and we haven’t heard much information about their well-being, the progress they have made, and the challenges they are facing. The nation needs to know what’s going on and our men and women in the uniform must know that we care and have 100% support for the selfless work that they are doing in Mozambique.

Lastly, soldiers are largely off the streets and have left the policing work of the ZRP. I am always of the view that the more soldiers they do police work the more they lose the support of the public coz in this era of the I can’t breathe movement, policing is facing serious public scrutiny.
Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri


Energy and Power Development

It was always going to be tough to fill the large shoes of Chibabest and Soda has struggled to do so. Energy and Power Development ministry is one of the most demanding ministries in any country but our load shedding is just too much.
Soda Zhemu

Environment, Climate Change, Tourism, and International Trade

This guy went to a climate summit, advertised coal, and came back with a hangover. He was allowed to Chinese to mine in a national park, did nothing about the veld fires, and didn’t lobby to remove tourists from the nonsensical 14-day quarantine which has largely shut down tourism.
Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndlovu


Finance and Economic Development

It was better to let the economy run on autopilot without a minister. And now this $50USD cellphone tax, who does that? Mthuli lacks consistency and his policies are punitive to the poor.

Mthuli Ncube

Foreign Affairs and International Trade

He has been so quiet for my liking especially when Zimbabwe was put on that ban coz of omicron. We need more investment ministers, we need more deals, go on these channels, BBC, CNN even foreign podcasts, and sell opportunities that your government is creating.
Frederick Shava

Health and Child Care

When is the last time you saw health equipment being paraded by the government as we saw with agricultural equipment with command agriculture, or the Zupco buses or the Chiefs or Police cars? The health ministry has collapsed and the General needs to allocate a serious budget to the ministry and make sure that the money is used economically. Buy more equipment for all provincial hospitals including generators then we can focus on districts and village clinics.
Constantino Chiwenga

Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology Development

At least he tried to encourage varsities to be creative and make sanitizers among other things to fight against the pandemic. Chinhoyi university has done a good job in this regard. But it’s time to walk the walk students belong in class, ditch this online thing, it’s not working.
Amon Murwira

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage

The ministry has been in shambolic for a long time and since it runs the police I don’t wanna say much. Lol, Actually I will, the incompetency especially at the passport office is just ridiculous.
Kazembe Kazembe

Industry and Commerce

What does the minister of Industry and commerce does here in Zimbabwe?
Sekai Nzenza

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services

Monica has done well to communicate to the public, I would be more appreciative if most of her communique were less punitive to the public, whenever I see that notification on her ministry’s Twitter account I always bet it’s something being banned. But as far as communicating, yeah she is open and always provides us with details.
Monica Mutsvangwa

Information Communication Technology and Courier Services

Post Office is dead, it can’t innovate and compete with DHL and many other couriers companies. Data is expensive soon only mbinga will be able to buy data. At a time when students are largely relying on online services to learn, the minister has largely been quiet without developing data-free platforms to facilitate learning.
Jenfan Muswere

Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

Minister whasup with these bails that people who are accused of heinous crimes are getting, robbers, murderers and in some cases people accused of serious corruption. Don’t bring charges if you are not ready to prosecute coz giving bail to robbers, some who were caught after putting the lives of detectives at risk is not okay at all.
Ziyambi Ziyambi

Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement

Under Perrance Shiri, the ministry was already bouncing back and the trend continue. Yes more needs to be done especially when it comes to water and climate but otherwise, the ministry is in good hands
Anxious Jongwe Masuka

Local Government and Public Works

Yeah Yeah Yeah, local government is taking several roles that should belong to the councils, and yes they are failing to provide any service, more so there is always the conflict between city councils and local government, like a cat and mouse they trade blame.
July Moyo

Mines and Mining Development

The only ministry that is performing better is the ministry of mining, not necessary because the minister is a genius but because minerals are hot on the market and many investors are eyeing mining around the world. Nevertheless he has done a good job so far
Winston Chitando

National Housing and Social Amenities

This ministry seems like a duplicate of Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare ministry and I don’t even know how to rate them coz I feel like they both blame each other for lack of social net in the country but we all know that they don’t get any real budget from Mthuli. You can do so much magic under this economy.
Daniel Garwe

Primary and Secondary Education

Nearly two years of no in-person learning with the majority of our students living in rural areas where the network is a problem and data is a luxury. The minister failed us, she is the biggest disappointment.
Evelyn Ndlovu

Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare

This ministry seems like a duplicate of the National Housing and Social Amenities ministry and I don’t even know how to rate them coz I feel like they both blame each other for the lack of social net in the country but we all know that they don’t get any real budget from Mthuli. You can do so much magic under this economy.
Paul Mavima

State Security

So many stories of poaching, gold smuggling and the issue of no radar at RGM international airport needs argent attention.
Owen Ncube

Transport and Infrastructural Development

Although he introduced a Rhodesian train back to try and solve a self-inflicting wound of banning taxis and replacing them with Zupco buses. His ministry is coming alright when it comes to road infrastructure. I wish he would work with the private sector and solve the transport issues amicably, It’s not always about banning Mr. Minister sometimes it’s about consensus, agreeing with the people otherwise you are in the right direction.
Felix Mhona

Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development

Women affairs are taking a back burner in this country, the early child marriages particularly from the Apostolic sect are a worrying trend. The minister must be vocal on these issues. On small and medium enterprises, we expect more projects particularly for women and she must lobby for more funding from the treasury. The poultry, bakery, sewing, crafting projects must start to the role to life next year. If this current government wants to return to power in 2023 this ministry will be pivotal no party can win the general elections without at least 55% of women support.

Sithembiso Nyoni

Youth, Sport, Arts, and Recreation

Youth are drunk, jobless, and turning into addicts, our stadiums are being condemned by international bodies and she has done nothing to help the music industry since the days of lockdown. How do we survive? She must be fired actually.
Kirsty Coventry


Who must be fired ?

Kirsty Coventry and Mtuli Ncube must go

We also did a tweeter poll with more than 500 people and here are the results


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