Just a few weeks ago, Chamisa did not have a party name, no party funds, the harvest house has been taken, and even the party logo and slogans. All thanks to Madam Khupe and Daglous Mwonzora who strategically exploited the internal party processes to win a court case against MDC- Alliance.

They recalled duly elected members of parliament, councilors, and mayors replacing them with imposed representatives. Chamisa has to start afresh, looking for a new party name, logo, colors, slogan, offices, and now asking the citizens to do crowdfunding for his rallies.

But the recent developments in the party have left many of his supporters with more questions than answers. It all started with the fielding of candidates for by-elections. In some areas, two candidates were fielded for one position making it clear that his party is not yet organized as many people would like to see the “government in waiting” as he refers to it.

Some candidates outright refuse his orders to withdraw directly challenging the party’s president. And now VP Welshman Ncube wants to bring in Thokozani Khupe into a coalition. His argument is that without Khupe CCC will likely struggle in Matebeleland. One might be tempted to ask, what were his plans to win the southern region if Khupe was not fired by Mwonzora?

The reasons why the opposition has so many splits are many but one of the leading causes is coalitions. Whenever a candidate fails to gain a position that they feel entitled to, they go out and form a party then come back to try and form a coalition thereby elevating themselves to a higher position than they would have reached through an electoral process.

Madam Khupe got 45 000 votes countrywide in 2018 and it’s even harder for her to reach that number considering her antics in the last four years. Cozying up to Zanu is a no-no for many people in Matabeleland and some parts of the country who voted for her. She knows that without CCC she will never win even a single parliamentary or council seat.

so what does she bring to the CCC party? Drama or more votes? What if she declares another split again in the near future when she realis that those who sacrificed for the party would never allow her to hold a senior position?


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