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Senior SA Politician say Zanu PF is a regional cancer that export problems to other countries

The former leader of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane shared his opinion on the continual influx of illegal migrants into South Africa, particularly Zimbabweans. In his tweeter feed, Mmusi stated that the only way South Africa can reduce illegal migration is by supporting the opposition parties in Zimbabwe.

His utterance come at a time when different anti migrants groups sprouting throughout South Africa in response to the general economic challenges facing SA. They are blaming foreigners for taking jobs that belong to the local people and also increasing crime in the community.

The minister of Home Affairs echoed similar sentiments last week when he said that 75% of women giving birth at Thembisa hospital and Musina hospital are Zimbabwean women. He went on to say that majority of unsolved crimes are largely committed by illegal foreigners who are impossible to trace.

In his tweets Mmusi said:

Zanu PF is regional cancer draining in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. It’s costing us. We cure cancer by removing the tumor. By going through chemotherapy. Panadol does not cure cancer. Some people are chasing cosmetic solutions. I am going directly for cancer.

We cannot be more involved in Cuba and in Ukraine matters than we are in issues that affect us. The oppression in Zimbabwe directly affects SA. We pay the cost of health facilities being strained, in labor disputes and it has sown seeds of animosity. That is why it must fall.

The solution to the Zimbabwean/ South African immigration crisis involves us advocating for free and fair elections in 2023. The CCC led by Chamisa won 19/28 seats in the by-elections. Without rigging and violence, @edmnangagwa has no chance. Next year Zimbabwe will be free.



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