In the Last few weeks we have seen a trend on social media and in the mainstream media resurrecting the debate “Who was/is better, the government of Ian Smith and that of the current president Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa”

Senior government officials like Mr. Nick Mangwana , the presidential spokesman Mr. Charamba and the minister of defense Mrs. Oppa Muchinguri have all chipped in and share their opinion.

But what we didn’t hear from is the president Emmerson Mnangagwa until today when he was giving a speech, presiding over the burial of the late Major General Sydney Bhebhe at the National Heroes Acre.

President ED said that the youth are misguided if they think that he is worse than Smith. He added that the “rights” and “benefits” they enjoy were not possible under the Smith government.

He also castigate the opposition for “soiling” the image of the country. A reference to what happened in Nyatsime when Moreblessing Ali was abducted , brutally murdered and dumped only to be discovered two weeks later in a shallow. The opposition blamed Zanu PF for the murder which also led to skirmish among the angry local residents.


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