There are three books in the bible that have come to be known as the books of wisdom, Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes. These books are addressing two types of questions from a unique perspective, What kind of world are we living in and what does it mean to live well in this world.

What Is the Meaning of “Iron Sharpens Iron” in Proverbs 27:17?

Proverbs was written by a relatively young writer who believed that there is a force called ( Chokhmah ) חוכמה in Hebrew of wisdom in English. He believed that a person shows that he or she possesses חוכמה when you put it to work and produce a better life for others and yourself. This is laid out in the first 9 chapters of proverbs and the rest of the book is full of saying that the writer said are useful to tap into Chokhmah.

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. 18 The one who guards a fig tree will eat its fruit, and whoever protects their master will be honored.

In the past two decades, the Zimbabwean political irons have failed to sharpen each other, instead, they have become bitter rivals to the point of even shedding the blood of each other. This is not because Zimbabweans are barbaric people who would kill for politics but rather because of the way our political system is structured. We are molded in the politics of village slogans and soundbites.

It’s always pasi with this one, pamberi with that one, in this system the iron doesn’t sharpen the other iron, the discussion is always toxic and personality contest rather than the ideas that will help Zimbabweans.

Because of this type of politics the opposition has often accused Zanu PF of toxicity and in some cases of thriving in politics of hate. They have also pointed out the incompetency of Zanu PF, the mediocrity in some policies, and corruption in some cases.

But “Zanu PF bad” slogan is not sufficient for the opposition to win votes, the iron must sharpen the iron. CCC as the largest opposition must raise the bar of politics in Zimbabwe by offering clear policy and solutions to Zimbabwean problems.

Zanu PF’s formidable opponents in the 2023 general elections will be its record in the last five years, the state of the economy when people go to vote, and lastly the opposition.

Zimbabweans are one of the most resilient people in the world and some might say we have become addicted to poverty. Through sound and well-communicated policies, the opposition can also sharpen and motivate the other iron to raise the bar of politics in this country.

What should CCC do from now until the 2023 elections ?

The opposition has a major disadvantage because it does not control the country’s wallet even in local government where it has the majority. Zanu PF has the advantage of offering a number of incentives to try and win the votes something that the opposition will label as vote-buying.

To counter that CCC must offer solid policies to the rural potential voters whose lives revolve around agriculture. The policies must focus on enhancing the current lifestyle and improving it.

Farming in rural areas

One initiative that I would suggest is to improve the mechanized farming program by promising that starting 2024 farming season each district will have at least 50 government-owned plowing tractors that any community member can hire at an affordable fee of $15 per hectare for all farmers that have more than 4 hectares. And combine harvesters for $25 per hectare.

Map districts where more dams will be built to make sure local farmers can plant their crops throughout the year. Start animal keep and pass programs for cattle, sheep, and goats in areas where they have low rainfall.

Create a partnership with international food chains like Starbuck to support local farmers to plant cash crops like strawberries, coffee, peas, wheat, sunflowers, and the likes exclusively for the rural farmers.

The CCC must start now and interact with village leaders, tell them the programs you have for every village, offer solutions to their problems, raise money if possible and build dip tanks, repaint schools, donate computers buy headman motorcycles.

Programs for the youth

Just a few weeks ago Zanu PF offered its blueprint for the young people in the entertainment industry, sports, arts, and culture. How did Zanu create a policy for the young people and yet the opposition claimed to represent the young people?

CCC must start offering policies that they have for the young people if they are elected into power. In sports we need to restructure the football league and make sure that each district has a football team run to buy the district council like what they did in England, then an investor can buy the team if the council wants to sell.

This alone will improve our football quality by a mile, international teams will be coming to Zimbabwe to set up academies and scout players. Let us create a partnership with elite soccer clubs like what Rwanda did with arsenal, it is a pity that Rwanda does not have quality football players to cut into the arsenal team but if given the chance Zimbabwean players will make it. And Expand the PSL to 20 teams.

Each location must have its swimming club where the council can charge $1 for kids and $2 for adults and $10 per group to host private parties, sooner or later these projects will pay themselves off and start making a profit.

To improve our arts we need community recording studios just like how we build community halls pre and post-independence. These community recording studios can be run by the town or city council and hire a paid producer. The artist can pay $5 per recording

Salaries for Civil Servants

When CCC said they are going to dollarize they must give specifics what that they are planning to do.


A clear salary package will win them more hearts and minds but if the position is just to say Zanu bad , then they are seen not as serious alternatives.

Improve communication

If there is anything we can learn from the Zambian election of 2021 is that communication matters. The idea that CCC will subdue the airwaves just a few months or weeks before the elections is foolishness. Communication starts now or yesterday. The opposition has made maybe one of two campaign ad videos in the last 10 years.

In this era of social media, where are the young creative videographers of the opposition? We should be seeing videos and the level of creativity and competency that Chamisa always talks about. Shoot videos in the streets and make ads, spread them on social media, and improve the quality of campaigns in Zimbabwe.

Every day they should be posting videos on their social media platforms, they should be doing Facebook live on different platforms, this is supposed to be the part of the young people who are energetic, creative, and relentless.

Dear Zimbabwean Opposition Leaders it’s time the iron sharpens the iron.


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