A lot of people struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts caused by different circumstances of life. One is a Nigerian woman who go by the name Precious Peters who took to her social media account and share life story and why she was contemplating taking her life. Here is her story:

My name is Precious Peters!

I have been down with the worse case of depression for the past two months, too many things and situations beyond me have been on my head lately. I can’t explain why it keeps coming but I have been battling depression with other health issues for more than 8years now.

I have seen a lot of posts and some saying it’s money related issues that people around are owing and am entangled in it. Sorry you’re wrong. From childhood till now, I have been battling with life, some friends have also betrayed me, some cheated me, and some fights to destroy me for no reason, every hurt I kept inside is hurting me.

A couple of times I have been rescued from suicide, Da Zion Umoh has fought for this some years ago, Comr David John has come to rescue me some years ago but the beast refused to leave me. Umex Cardinal has fought this and have placed doctors in n my life who have been trying hard to help.

Thanks to everyone, thanks to a friend who left work to stay with me for the past two weeks cos he noticed I wasn’t ok, he hid everything harmful, am saying thank you.

Truth is, I have siblings who doesn’t care much, who never called for years and who doesn’t know much about me, some of my siblings doesn’t even know my 12years old daughter…my world has always been lonely.

I am safe now and taken away by good friends for safety. I am safe and recovering now. Please I can’t take all the calls and reply all messages, but I will try hard to reply them…thanks to all of you.


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