A total of 21 teams took part in Tank Biathlon competition, divided into two divisions based on their results in 2021. The first division includes 10 teams: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Vietnam. The second division was featuring teams from: Abkhazia, Armenia, Iran, Laos, Mali, Myanmar, Syria, South Ossetia, Sudan, Tajikistan and Zimbabwe.

This year Tank Biathlon is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Teams from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia are old-timers of the competition, having held the first tank crew competition in 2013. This year the teams from Belarus (T-72, which has been upgraded at the country’s defense plants) and China (Type 96) are competing on their tanks. The other teams are competing on tanks provided by the Russian side although Zimbabwe has already been eliminated after finishing last hitting Zero targets.

Based on the sum of the results shown by the crews from each country, the 8 semi-finalist teams of the 1st division of the Tank Biathlon will be determined, which will reveal the top four teams for the final relay on August 23-24. The final relay will take place on the closing day of the Games, August 27, at the Alabino training ground.


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