Zimbabweans are being treated like slaves by chinese foreign nationals – Crisis coalition in Zimbabwe reports

    The non-governmental organization Crisis coalition in Zimbabwe is accusing the zanu pf led government of turning a blind eye to the mistreatment of Zimbabweans by the chinese foreign nationals right here in our country. In a report that was written by the crisis coalition in Zimbabwe, the organization accuse the government of being out of touch with the reality of what’s happening on the ground.

    The chairmen Mr. Peter Mutasa speaking to the media said that Zimbabweans are experiencing racism by the Chinese in the country that our war veterans fought hard to liberate. He added that some workers are being tortured, and some are being beaten when they make some mistakes at work. He went further and say that the Zanupf-led government has abandoned its people and sided with the Chinese at the expense of its own people.

    Mr. Mutasa said that it was shameful that in this day and age our people are still being treated like this when we have a robust set of laws and criminal as well as civil laws that protect people from all these forms of mistreatment that the chinese are dishing to our people.



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