The main opposition leader president Nelson Chamisa has asked South Africans to give Zimbabweans migrants living in their country one more year to solve the economic issues that are pushing Zimbabweans out of the country in search of healthcare and better life.

Writing on his social media post Nelson Chamisa said:

Fellow Africans in South Africa, we note your frustrations and economic constraints.I kindly ask for your support to Zimbabweans in these trying times. Help us as we do our best to fix Zimbabwe for a prosperous future. In less than 400 days our pains, agonies and fights will be a thing of the past.We will win Zimbabwe for change.

Help us to hold credible elections. We need free and fair elections to permanently resolve our politics and the economy. Many are not in your country out of mischief but on account of poor leadership,bad governance and deadening poverty.Zimbabweans mean no harm to you. After all, we are decent and great neighbors.

One Africa, One people, One future!


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