The president of the Citizens Coalition for Change Nelson Chamisa had an emergency press conference today 26 August 2023 in will with the recent violence which he attributed to Zanu pf supporters.

Mr. Nelson Chamisa said that senior government ministers were to blame for inciting the yesterday violence including the minister of local government Mr. July Moyo who alleges that he organized supporters to disturb his rally in Gokwe yesterday. He said July Moyo was behaving like a little thug who mobilized 21 vehicles and an AK47 just to stop the CCC leadership but was outsmarted.

He then added that he was meeting local church leaders to hear their grievances and map the way forward but unlike president Mnangagwa, he was not going to forcefully self-invite and chant blasphemous slogans in church.

On those who are committing violence towards the opposition, Nelson Chamisa said he heard that most of them were dying mysterious deaths. In Uzumba for example he said all those who scotched opposition supporters in 2008 and before are now dead and they died in mysterious circumstances. He said that chiefs and village heads were being subjected to brutal harassment by the disgraced former Vice president Mr. Mohadi.

On being blocked from accessing certain parts of rural areas, Chamisa challenged president Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop him as he will go anywhere and everywhere. He said that the old tactics will not work anymore as he is ready for anything, he said he is ready for peace but he is also ready to fight.

On the arrest of opposition leaders, Chamisa said that his people are being targeted and arrested for nothing else rather than opposition members. He added that Zanu pf has nothing to offer rather than violence hence it’s being rejected by everyone and had to force being loved.

He contrasted his part and said that where people have discord his party is ready to unite people and solve the bread and butter issues to create employment. He said as a government in waiting, he will not be tricked into violence with Zanu pf saying he will not shed blood to be in the state house.

On Zimbabweans being treated badly in foreign countries, Chamisa said our corrupt Zanu pf government is to blame as it is corrupt to the core. He said that our minerals are being smuggled and yet hospitals are collapsing, he said that soldiers and police among other civil servants are earning peanuts due to Zanu pf corruption. He said that Zimbabweans are being harassed because of poor leadership, however, he said that he has been engaging SADC leaders to try and solve these challenges.


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