Zanu pf has just vanquished the CCC in yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Gokwe Kabuyuni according to preliminary results compiled from polling stations around the constituency. The election campaign which was mudded with a skirmish of political violence serve as a test of what’s coming in 2023. Zanu PF candidate Spencer Tshuma got 10 880 while the opposition candidate Costin Muguti got 4915 votes.

The results are a stark reminder to the opposition which was buoyant ahead of the polls that the message for change is not resonating in some parts of the country. More so candidate quality is of the essence, Zanu PF fielded a good resource candidate who is also popular in the constituency even though there were public record cases of violence.

Just a few months before the 2023 elections, these constituency-wide elections proved that Zanu PF is still strong in many parts of the country. Set aside the final results for a moment and consider the fact that Nearly 8600 people voted in Zanu PF primary elections to elect Mr. Tshuma. That alone is a good measurement that the ruling party still commands a majority lead in many parts of the country.


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