The president has set the record straight about his interaction with the former British Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair who at some point asked the president of South Africa Mr. Thabo Mbeki to invade Zimbabwe and put brutal sanctions on the country.

Speaking to a journalist earlier today, president ED said that the past is the past and as a country, we are ready to move forward and forge a new relationship with western countries including Britain.

He said that the initial interaction was not warm however the two later improved their chemistry and agreed to meet again in Egypt. Britain which defaulted on its land payments to its white farmers imposed brutal sanctions on Zimbabwe after the war veterans-led movement started to seize white-owned farms around the country, in some cases killing them.

Since then, the country has been at logger’s heads with the west for various reasons including lack of freedom of the press, political violence, and unfair elections. But president ED has been trying to turn around the relationships with the west announcing that Zimbabwe is an enemy to none and friend to all.

President ED speaking about Tony Blair


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