Former CBZ Holdings Limited group chief executive officer Nyasha Makuvise’s wife recently got the shock of her life after discovering her husband was cohabitating with a mistress in Harare when she believed he was in Dubai for the past two years.

Clarietta Makuvise (nee Mbizi) has since mounted an adultery lawsuit against her husband’s lover Tsuu Machingura claiming US$100,000 in damages.

It has also emerged that the former CBZ boss had, during the past two years, lied to his wife that he suffered advanced cancer, misleading her to sell some of the couple’s properties for his medication.

He used the money to build a new empire with his newly found love.

To inflict more pain on Clarietta, Makuvise blocked her when the couple’s daughter was getting married with Machingura taking her role as the mother.

Besides the adultery claim, Clarietta has instituted divorce proceedings against Makuvise and another urgent court application seeking to place a caveat on the couple’s properties.

In the latest case, Clarietta told the High Court she was legally married to Makuvise in terms of the Marriages Act [Chapter 5:11], on July 26 1996 and the marriage still subsists.

The two were blessed with two children.

Tsuu Machingura

Court papers show that Makuvise moved from his matrimonial home in 2019 and never returned.

All the time, Clarrietta assumed her husband was working in Dubai.

The top banker’s wife only discovered the truth last month and was convinced her marriage of over three decades had irretrievably broken down.

Clarietta is seeking US$40,000 for contumelia and US$60,000 being damages for loss of consortium, disruption of comfort society, loss of financial support and loss of society.

In the summons, lawyers said Clarietta enjoyed a lifestyle of financial support from her husband, a lifestyle of being pampered with expensive gifts, surprise parties and events to honour her and expensive holiday trips around the world.

All this ended when the adulterous affair began.

Makuvise’s wife also said Machingura has not shown contrition but instead carries herself in a way that is meant to humiliate her.

She said Machingura boasts publicly about having snatched Makuvise from her.


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