The founder of UFI Emmanuel Makandiwa has sparked yet another social media controversy after clips of his sermons were shared online where he seems to endorse corruption by trying to classify it into different levels.

In the video that was shared Makandiwa said that “some of you misunderstood, you hear what is not spoken, have I say there is no corruption? Corruption has levels, there is a level where for example there is $10 billion set aside to construct roads, if $5 billion is stolen and the other is used to construct the roads then this type of corruption is different from the other corruption because all the $10 billion would have been stolen”

His justification of corruption has been widely condemned by Zimbabweans on social media querying why “A man of god” was trying to justify corruption instead of condemning it. Reacting to the clip, political commentator Professor Jonathan Moy said: Apa kwete. Papa doesn’t be a rolling stone. The 50/50 quota is for gender equality, not for corruption parity!


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