Mudiwa Hood, a Zimbabwean gospel Hip Hop artist, has said he does not see himself dating a public figure. The businessman has in recent months been posting on social media saying he is still single and was taking his time to find Mrs right. The posts attracted several responses from ladies from all walks of life. Whether the ladies were serious or not, we don not know. Mudiwa Hood of the Taita Mari fame said:

I don’t see my self ever dating a public figure, NEVER! … those jokes by other public figures playing saying Mudiwa am single, i believe are mere jokes… They aren’t serious its jus having fun…I am not moved at all… God willing my marriage has to be with a very low key wife or partner… I have long moved from clout, spotlight and attention… It doesn’t interest me anymore… Money moves, Legacy and Empire building took over! I would love a very low key, respectful, well mannered, smart, God loving and drama free character… Someone ready to take on the world with, build a good life snd live our best life. I am not in a relationship because its not an easy decision, if i am to date i would love to marry my partner… so yeah!

Mudiwa’s photo with Lorraine Guyo, of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame, was recently shared on social media prompting some to think something was developing between the duo. Others suggested that Mudiwa should date Gemma Griffiths, another Zimbabwean musician. He shared one of the post which suggested he should do that.


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